Who is Mark Whybird?

For professional information, Please see my profile on LinkedIn.

My blog is just for amusement*, but feel free to see what is there.

For old friends looking to see if I am who they think, here is my Facebook profile. For those not on Facebook, I am the Mark Whybird who lived in various parts of Queensland, Australia including Mt Isa, Townsville (where I lived when I married Leisa Sank) and Brisbane, in Perth, Western Australia from 2004-2006, Wellington, New Zealand 2006-2009, and now back in Brisbane.

My personal email address, in a form that humans will understand but hopefully spambots won't, is (my first name)@(my last name).net




* If it is amusement from me that you crave, my ancient drivel site has been retained for nostalgic reasons.