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drivel v. & n. 1. v.i. run at mouth or nose like child; talk childishly or idiotically. 2. v.t. fritter away. 3. Hence driveler n. 4. n. silly nonsense, twaddle. [OE dreflian ; cf. DRAFF]

(the Concise Oxford Dictionary, seventh edition)

... this being a collection of silly nonsense and twaddle to fritter away your time with idiotic talk. Very little childishness or running at the nose, though.

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I owe it all to Lynn's Drivel group, who inspire me to these heights of creativity.

As one of us once said "Ahhh .. we always need a little drivel.. We just don't always know it."

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Twinkle, twinkle little Starr - over to our Starr report(er)...

Peter Piper-Peterson - A knowledge of political events in Queensland, Australia around 1989 may enhance your enjoyment of this drivel, but it's not essential.

*.* :-[, The Computer Deity - a conversation about that powerful entity known only as *.* :-[. (Warning: computer humor)

Mobile Towing - Is there another kind?

Frivolity Schedule - goes with the list of unforeseen future problems.

Light and Fluffy drivel - Mindless Ravings in a Finite Universe.

Microsloth Announces New Naming Convention - BILGATES.GOD declares darkness an industry standard. (Warning: computer humor)

B Drive - product of Bastards Inc. (Warning: computer humor)

My Laby Beft Me - a rove dong of lispair and sevenge.

Ski Trip - I was in Canberra for my friend Tyson's wedding. While I was there, I thought It would be nice to go to the Snowy Mountains and see the snow for the first (and so far only) time in my life. The bus left at some ungodly hour, like about 2.30 AM or something. Here's part of the letter that I wrote at the time.

Birth and Death - A right royal statistical anomaly.

Poetry - incarcerated verse.

What is a web page? - My response to "The Care and Feeding of Web Pages", which got me into this drivel crowd.

Since you're reading this, here's a link to a page that will waste your time.

(On a similar note, here is the definitive list of drivelers pointless web follies.)

"Save a tree. Eat a beaver."

"I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it!"

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James Lodeski wrote:

"are you guys serious?
obviously not! neither am I! otherwise I would not have wasted my time! thanks!"

But of course we are serious! Where would the world be without a few seriously warped people? We are on am mission to amuse, our task is to titillate - we are driven to Drivel!


Devin Harris wrote:

"Your idea about infinity is interesting, but why is it a point, or a point in reference to what? I just mean that maybe on the inside of all those overlapped points space extends infinitely in every direction. There just wouldn't be any singular points within that extended space, since a singular point would express finitivity.

Does this make any sense?"

About as much sense as my idea, I guess.


Chico "I prefer this nick, rather than my weird name" wrote:

"O man, I can't believe you're actually asking for the meaning of this - this mean something what is right besides you, so it's actually this "_" little, or maybe a little more "___" close to you. So, in a fact, this is that what I call this, but if you your point were to find out what "this" stupid paragraph on drivel waste of time, and of course, mostly waste of the brain, www-page I have a good news for you, it's so simple I will put it to you in this way (or sentence): "this" telling us that infinity is the base of every fundament, which basically lies on its fundamental things...

p.s. keep going man, maybe you will find infinity like that "

Unfortunately, no matter how hard I keep looking for infinity, it's always still a long way off.