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B Drive

- product of Bastards Inc. (Warning: computer humor)


Beverley Anne Jansen (an artist and former colleague of mine) wrote an informative post about the local file mappings onto drive letters on the PC's. Then she Added:

"and for unsuspecting Mac users:

PC internal floppy drive = A DRIVE
PC internal HD = C DRIVE"

Clearly she was trying to teach me, her (figurative) grandmother to suck eggs! So, knowing she has a sense of humor (and thinking I could even teach her something), I replied:

"OK smarty, so what's drive B?

Her answer follows:

"B DRIVE: bastard drive; colloq., from mythological corporate raider creature, Bastards Inc., universally despised manufacturer of shoddy goods; in technological terms refers to either: a drive which refuses to allow emptying of its files while displaying messages insisting it is too full to do anything useful for you, OR: a ghost drive which insists it is still on your desktop long after it has been removed from your workstation (NB save files to this drive at your peril; they disappear into the ether instantaneously and utterly!).

You did ask!
Beverley Anne"

I used to think that many people don't have a B drive, but now I know that almost everyone does.

[ Portions of this Drivel are copyright Mark Whybird ]


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