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Frivolity Schedule

- goes with the list of unforseen future problems.


It was once said (in one of the sporadic dry preiods of Drivel):

"Maybe we should organise a roster?"

-- MEMO --

From: Staff Morale Comittee
Subject: Frivolity Schedule

The Staff Morale Comittee has been advised that some of our staff may be suffering from depression following the attempted mass suicide of the entire dispatch area. Fortunately, the attempt was unsucessful, because they remembered the line in the staff handbook that gives an example for the meanging of the word "Suicide" as "Jumping out of a window". As dispatch is located in the basement, the attempt was unsucessful, but we are pleased to cite this as evidence that the daily brainwashing re: the staff handbook through the building's intercom system is working beyond all expectations.

In order to address this possible depression problem, a roster has been drawn up of all staff, to be called the Frivolity Schedule. Copies will be posted in the common area. At the appointed time, the appointed staff member is required to perform a spontaneous and amusing action, which will be witnessed at least by people in her/his area, but preferably by a large proportion of all staff. A list of possible spontaneous activities will be added to the staff handbook. As always, lack of performance will be penalised with a fine.

It has been suggested that we should begin hiring clowns to lift morale, but after much consideration, this moralle improvement programme has been devised instead because a) it is cheaper, and b) we have been hiring clowns for years anyway. Indeed, the meteoric rise of some clowns to senior management positions has been identified as a possible source of further depression among the general staff.

That is all.
-- Staff Morale Comittee

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