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Light and Fluffy Drivel

- Mindless ravings in a finite universe.


It was once said (by a driveler who was feeling down):

"Light and fluffy drivel is a bit beyond me at this point. You'll have to carry on as best you can. Mark, get busy will you?"

Light and fluffy drivel can be obtained by mixing with the whites of three eggs (taking care not to get any yolk in at all) and whisking until the desired fluffiness is achieved. Extra lightness can be achieved by the use of helium balloons, a quick trip to the moon (which has only 1/6th of the gravity of Earth), or, for extreme lightness, a free-fall state, perhaps in orbit around the Earth. The state of Queensland is another free-fall state, which some people think would be better put into orbit around the Earth. As Queensland is known as the Sunshine State, when placing it into orbit it is necessary to take particular notice of not only the projected orbit around the Earth, but also of the Earth's orbit around the sun. The sun itself, of course, is orbiting around the center of the Milky Way galaxy, which is not to be confused in any way with the Hershey bar galaxy, which is located further up on the right (although it is worth noting that the politics of Queensland, especially as they go into orbit, could be described as 'further up on the right') Two rights don't make a wrong, they make a U-turn, so it naturally follows that two wrongs don't make a right, unless of course you only had a choice of three options to begin with. In the English alphabet you only have one choice to begin with, and that is the letter "A"; however in the Hindu-Arabic numbering system, you do have a choice of at least three items to begin with - you can begin with "1" (for natural numbers), or "0", or you can begin with infinity, although it is uncertain weather you will get anywhere if you start with infinity. If the universe is infinite, then the whole thing exists on a single point. Unfortunately, this mindless raving has no point whatsoever, thus proving that we do not live in an infinite universe.

If anyone understood all of that, please e-mail me and let me know what, it meant.

[ This Drivel is copyright Mark Whybird ]


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