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Peter Piper-Peterson

- A knowledge of political events in Queensland, Australia around 1989 may enhance your enjoyment of this drivel, but it's not essential.


I was sort of dreaming as I lay in bed this morning, And I was imagining some people setting up a sound system (maybe they were setting it up for some Theatre Sports). They were trying to eliminate the pops you can get when you say a word with "p" in it.

Technician: OK, we just need to eliminate those "p" pops. Can you say something with lots of "p"s in it?

Stagehand 1: Umm.. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, a peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.

Stagehand 2: If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

1: Perhaps the peck of pickled peppers was transported to a point of sale to which we're not invited.

2: If the peck of pickled peppers peppers was transported properly, I am perplexed, so please explain, why procedures were ignored, and the place of Peter Piper's peck was not properly reported! In absence of a place reported, I suspect the system has been rorted!

1: I warn you now that this purported misappropriation won't be ignored - it is a perinioucious allegation! You have nerve to place yourself on soapbox, pontificating, when people all around the place say YOU'RE finger-in-the-pie-ing.

2: People have repeatedly accused me, it is true but such is the point-and-thrust of politics these days, for me AND you. The point here is these perpetrations I can prove while I am perfectly at ease - there is no point that you can use.

1: The police will back me up on this, they'll say all's prim and proper.

2: If the police don't back you up on this, you'll put their jobs on offer!

1: The police know of their place with me, or if they don't they'll soon have thought they should've put my point across instead - you watch, they'll all be prudent!

2: Your powers don't extend that far - or to be precise, they shouldn't. The powers of police and state should be separate - you just listen - it isn't proper to put pressure on police from your position.

1: We're slipping from the point here, what of Peter Piper's peppers? If it's paperwork you want, it's possible I just lost the letters.

2: Paperwork that's not complete, or that's disappeared just last week, is typical of you, old Pete - but here's some news - the papers leaked.

1: I'm stopping now, I've had enough of Peter Piper's pickled peck - I'll quit the game and partake of planting peanuts now, instead.


(Applause from all present.)

(Applause from all present.)

(Applause from all present.)

(Applause from all present.)


Technician: OK, now the "s" sounds....

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